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Ojén, is a beautiful, traditional Andalusian whitewashed village located just above the town of Marbella in the picturesque mountain range of the area. Relatively unspoilt, this village boasts a natural way of life surrounded by mother nature.

Ojen lies quietly by the Almadán stream above the valley of Rio Real at an altitude of 650ft, in the Sierra Blanca mountain range. The mineral wealth of this region placed Ojen at the forefront of the Spanish industrial revolution of the 19th Century.

Close to some barely recognisable remains of a Moorish castle, testament of Ojen’s past, some of the most spectacular, luxury homes have been built in more recent years, offering the most wonderful views of Marbella and the Mediterranean coast.

The town centre, a great tourist attraction, spreads down the mountainside and everywhere you look, you cannot escape the panoramic views of the Costa del Sol.  Its charming cobbled streets are narrow and there are an infinite amount of natural water fountains to drink from, offering natural, fresh spring water from the mountains. The production of the anise liqueur, aguardiente, a breakfast ritual for the Spaniards who include add a few drops to their morning coffee, was once a major part of Ojen’s economy. The town’s Wine Museum is worth a visit to get to know the history of wine and in particular the Spanish “eau de vie”.

A stone’s throw away from Ojen, deeper into the mountains of la Serrania de Ronda, nestles the all famous Refugio de Juanar. Originally, it was the private hunting lodge of a wealthy family known as the Larios family, and a favoured retreat of King Alfonso XIII.  Now it is a privately owned hotel welcoming tourists and seasonal hunters. The hotel is also very popular with hikers who enjoy a wonderful trail to the top of “La Concha” the peak of this mountain range, boasting the most spectacular views of Marbella, the Mediterranean Sea, the rock of Gibraltar to the west and in the horizon, the coast of Northern Africa and Morocco. La Concha brings you up 3000ft above sea level.


Vikingo Taberna Gourmet

Plaza de Andalucía, Nº3, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 951 56 86 49

Casa Antonia

Calle Carretera, s/n, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 952 08 83 05

Castillo Solis

Calle Carretera, 41, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 952 88 17 10

El Tunel

Calle la Carrera, 44, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 662 38 83 87

Churreria El Mojaito

Calle Los Llanos, s/n, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 952 88 15 14

El Fogón de Flore

Carretera A-355, Km 28.5 N 36º33´43,3´´ O 004º51´46,3´´, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 952 88 10 72


Calle Carretera, 61, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 952 88 11 07

Pinchos y Chocolate

Calle la Carrera, 13, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 747 76 63 53


Paseo del Castillo, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

Venta Pula

A-355, km 22.250, 29610 Ojén, Málaga

+34 952 11 30 68


Marbella Golf and Country Club                                          Magna Marbella Golf

Marbella Golf                                                                           Rio Real Golf


The English International School                                             Patronage of the German School of Malaga

The British International School of Marbella                         Swans International School

Fundacion Aloha College                                                            St. George’s School


Costa del Sol Hospital                                                                  Quironsalud Marbella

Hospital Ochoa                                                                              Hospital Ceram Marbella

Clinique Mileium Marbella                                                         Hospital Europa


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