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Puerto Banus is very famous for being a glitz and glamour leisure marina filled with some of the world’s most famous and prestigious brands, including spectacular yachts moored in its port facilities and a selection of some of the world’s most prestigious cars. It is the place to be seen.

Located south of the A7 (coastal highway), Puerto Banus is one of Marbella’s prestigious beachfront districts, nestled between Rio Guadaiza and Rio Verde. Puerto Banus is not just about the port. It is also a beautiful residential area surrounding the marina.

Azalea Beach

Azalea Beach is one of the beautiful, residential areas of Puerto Banus. It was built in the 1990s and early 2000s. To the west lies Rio Guadaiza and to the east Calle Ventura del mar. Of course, as the name would suggest, it is located along the beaches of Puerto Banus. Residents from this area have the privilege of being a stone’s throw from the marina and the beach. There is a multitude of luxurious beachside complexes offering sensational living in one of Spain’s most prestigious areas. Some of the most famous are: La Ola, Embrujo Marbella, Costa Azalea Beach, El Lago, Sun Beach, Privilegio de Marbella, Embrujo Blaya, Jardines de Aldaba, Jardines de Ventura del Mar, Banyan Tree and Ventura del Mar. Also located in this area is the famous private hospital, Marbella High Care (HC) and a luxury residential complex for the elderly, Residential Azul Marbella.

Los Rodeos

Los Rodeos is an older residential area between Rio Guadaiza and Rio Verde, also known as Rodeo Alto and Rodeo Bajo. The Alto part sits on the north side of the A7 (coastal highway) and the Rodeo Baja is located south of the highway, the beachside. The residential area was built in the 1940s by Ricardo Soriano, Marqués de Ivanrrey. He bought this farming land and subdivided his estate by selling plots to his wealthy friends and family members, who built their luxury homes on their private land by the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays this sought after district of Marbella comprises modern residential complexes and hotels. These include Hotel Bluebay Banus, La Mimosas de Puerto Banus, the Malibu Apartment complex, La Herradura, Guadalpin Banus, Laguna de El Embrujo Banus.

Villa Marina

Is a smaller area located right by the beach at the west end of the marina. Nestled in these beautifully curved roads, privately blocked off by a gated entrance, you will discover a handful of wonderful homes a mix of villas and exquisite apartments such as Medina Gardens and Andalucia del Mar. This area is also home to the famous La Sala Beach Club and The Oceano Beach Club.

Playas del Duque

Playas del Duque line the wide majestic road entrance into Puerto Banus, from its west end and are also beachfront with private access to the beaches of Puerto Banus. These beautiful, Andalucian white-washed complexes boast some of the most luxurious apartments on the coast with sensational views of the Mediterranean Sea. Having an address at Playas del Duque is making a bold statement of status.

Las Gaviotas

Is the newer version of Playas del Duque. The apartment complex sits just across this wide boulevard, from Playas del Duque.

Puerto Banus – Shopping Centre

Puerto Banus is also endowed of a wonderful shopping centre including all of the amenities and El Corte Ingles, a large department and food shop offering top luxury goods. Across the road from El Corte Ingles we have Marina Banus, a shopping mall including a multitude of shops such as Massimo Dutti, Zara, Victoria’s Secret and many more as well as some restaurants and cafes. To the east of the shopping area lies el Edificio Cristomar which boasts a large selection of Spa centres, hairdressers, restaurants and cafes. There are three main hotels right in the port including Plaza Suites Hotel, Benabola Hotel and the Hotel Pyr. The most famous super luxurious apartment complexes, right in the centre of Puerto Banus are the Gray D’albion, El Conjunto Benabola, Jardines de Puerto Banus, Las Terrazas de Banus and el Edificio Tembo.

Puerto Banus – East Side

At the east end of Puerto Banus between Avenida de Las Naciones Unidas and Rio Verde are some beautiful Andalucian style apartment complexes including La Alcazaba, Los Granados I, Los Granados II, La Isla, Playa Rocio, Alcazaba Gardens, Alcazaba Rio Verde, Sanres and as well you have the Melia Hotel Banus located in this area, right by the beach next to the little bridge perched over the river, connecting the Marbella promenade to Puerto Banus.


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